Nearly three years after Governor Brown issued the Executive Order on Zero Emission Vehicles, several objectives in the original 2013 ZEV Action Plan have been completed, with additional actions currently underway. California leads the nation in ZEV ownership, accounting for 40% of all ZEVs on the road in the United States. The 2015 summit will be an opportunity to generate new ideas and identify ways to build upon our success, centered around a new, draft 2015 ZEV Action Plan.

The 2015 ZEV Summit presented:

  • A strategic assessment of the overall ZEV market in California and collected feedback on areas of improvement and opportunity.
  • Highlighted progress and accomplishments outlined in the 2013 ZEV Action Plan.
  • Provided an opportunity to comment on the draft 2015 ZEV Action Plan and engage in detailed discussions related to new proposed actions.
  • Discussed specific collective actions that governments, companies, and other stakeholders can take to continue to accelerate the market.
  • Showcased new groundbreaking initiatives and projects that are helping to define the ZEV landscape.

View the DRAFT 2015 ZEV Action Plan & Meeting Presentations at .