Dear ULOP Work Group,


As discussed in March’s work group meeting, DWR has prepared a public draft of the ULOP Criteria, to provide the Board with adequate time to review the document before adopting the Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) (and potentially the Draft ULOP Criteria, which is incorporated by reference into the Public Draft 2012 CVFPP). 


The Draft ULOP Criteria have been modified to reflect your comments.  The DWR Design Team will continue to refine the criteria.  As new information becomes available the Team will update the Work Group.


You can view the following documents at:

  • Clean version of the Draft ULOP Criteria
  • Track-changes of the Draft ULOP Criteria
  • Comment-Response Log 
  • Fact sheet
  • March 7, 2012 ULOP Work Group Meeting Summary

DWR is currently accepting public comments on the Draft Urban Level of Flood Protection Criteria.  Please send your comments or questions to Allan Oto This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by May 4, 2012.  For more information regarding the public draft and the public comment period, please visit the new ULOP webpage:

Thank you,
Dorian Fougères, Ph.D.
Lead Mediator and Facilitator
Center for Collaborative Policy
California State University, Sacramento
NEW NUMBER - (916) 531-3835 - Direct Line/Cellphone

The meeting on Tuesday, 06-21-2011 was a follow up to the 05-03-2011 meeting.  Robert Sherry attended on behalf of CCPDA.  DWR staff presented their responses to comments, as well as a revised draft of the “Criteria for Demonstrating Urban Level of Flood Protection”.  There are several meeting documents in the FloodSafe CA documents folder (you must be logged in to view these since they are still in Admin Draft form.

The project staff were very appreciative of our comments, and reiterated that they would like to hear from jurisdictions both within and outside the Sacramento/San Joaquin Valley watersheds.  Robert will send a short email to the CCPDA membership informing them that the new documents are available on the website, and ask them to send any additional comments directly to the DWR project staff.  Comments are due by July 5.

Members Only:  Link to Admin Draft Documents

The next ULOP working group meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 1, from 9:00 to 3:00.